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Unity. Achdut Yisroel. Together we stand Divided we fall.

I had an Epiphany on Shabbat, and now I owe a whole lot of people a sincere apology.

Last Shabbat we read Parshat Balak and this week we read Parshat Pinchas. I questioned why the Parsha was named Balak and not Bilaam, as Bilaam was a Prophet who as the Midrash has it, was a greater prophet than Moshe. Balak was a Bad actor who only wanted to curse the children of Israel why would he merit a Parsha named for him.


Last week Balak and this week Pinchas.

Who was Pinchas?

He stopped the plague and Hashem's anger was soothed when he slayed Zimri and Cozbi.

He was also the Kohen Gadol and the Father of the Kohanim.

Pinchas was also the Kohen who led Am Yisrael out to battle.

I have lived my life willing to drive the Bus or steer the Boat, Everyone was welcome and those who rowed with us in our direction was loved. Those who sat but did not row were accommodated, But those that rowed against I would try my best to toss them overboard.

I WAS WRONG. I sincerely apologize to all those who I tossed out of the Boat.

If Hashem has a place for them so I need to as well. We are all here for only a short time and do not get to see the whole picture.

From Balak to Pinchas and everyone in between, there is room for everyone.

Had I tossed Balak the Rasha overboard we would have missed out on David Hamelech, and the Beit Hamikdash.

Ruth the Moabite was the Grandaughter of Eglon, who was the Grandson of Balak.

I will try my best to be more tolerant of everyone from someone as Bad as Balak to those a righteous as Pinchas.

Achdut Yisrael. We Need to figure out how to get along together, Bring The Moshiach, and put an end to the Madness.

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