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What We do

We Serve IDF Heroes!

We serve thousands of IDF Heroes with love and respectWe honor them by standing with them to show how much we care. In 2021 alone we served over 1,500 IDF soldiers! In 2022 we served approximately 3,500 IDF Soldiers and in the first Seven months of 2023 we have already served more than 5,000 Soldiers.

We make sure that our IDF soldiers are served the best BBQ dinners possible and your 501c3 tax deductible direct support and involvement ensures that we will continue to feed thousands of IDF heroes each year.

We motivate them with love and affection, showing them just how much we truly care and stand with them. We raise their morale by showing them how much we care about them.

This is YOUR opportunity and our mutual honor to serve the IDF heroes of Israel.​

Our Work

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