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It takes a lot of hands to make an event happen. We are always looking for volunteers to help prepare our amazing BBQs. 

If you can help before the BBQ,

please WhatsApp: +972 (0) 55 960 0433

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A Short Message

On October 7th, 2023, an unfortunate turn of events occurred, reshaping the lives of Jewish people in Israel and across the globe.The reprehensible acts of terror committed by Hamas, evoking a level of evil not witnessed since the Holocaust, prompted an unprecedented response from the Israeli Defence Forces ("IDF").


In a single day, the IDF mobilized more reserves than at any point since the establishment of Israel, calling upon our children, spouses, brothers, and sisters in the thousands. The nation swiftly sprang into action, deploying all available resources.


Since its establishment in 2020, Grilling for Israel has been on a mission to serve our IDF Heroes and displaced families with love and respect, symbolizing our unwavering support and care. Over the past 39 weeks, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly around the clock to provide cooked food to our soldiers during their most critical times. This formidable task required the collaboration of hundreds of amazing volunteers, dedicated drivers, and sponsors. Despite the challenges, we successfully provided nourishment to thousands of soldiers across Israel each week, a testament to the groundwork laid over the last three years. Since 10-08-2023 we have served over 147,000 meals. From Mitzpe Ramon, to Har Dov, From The Gush to Kissufim.

As we navigate through the ongoing challenges of war and strive to restore a semblance of normalcy, Grilling for Israel is transitioning back to its original mission—bringing joy and fresh food to our soldiers through on-location grilling. Additionally, we are excited to announce an expansion of our mission to include Grilling for Displaced Families. Our dedicated team is diligently working to facilitate this transition and build upon our initial objectives.

We are enthusiastic about the next stage of this crucial mission and sincerely hope you share in our excitement. Your continued support is invaluable, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

All the best,
The Grilling for Israel Team (aka Grilling for IDF)

Keith Mendelson

"We were so grateful for the opportunity to participate in some small way - to enhance one day in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Israel, all enabled by this tireless group who take the time - - - literally every day - - - to make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering, and give ongoing chizuk to our Chayalim and Chayalot as well, of course. "

IDF Unit Commander

"We simply wanted to say thank you.


Thank you!

You are warming our hearts. You are giving us strength, you are strengthening our soldiers and according to me you are fighting this war with us.

There were only leftovers because we were completely full and we can't look at any more steak because we are so full!

Thank You!"

Rachel Bressler

 "Thank you for everything this evening. My heart is fuller than their stomachs if that is even possible :)! I’m inspired by your drive, execution, and tenacity. Hashem should continue blessing you with everything you need to keep helping klal yisroel ad 120!"

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